To The Ottawa Valley Railway and the City of North Bay

We ask you to restore a safe public access to Lake Nipissing and the adjacent greenspace at the end of 10th street in the West End of North Bay Ontario as soon as possible.

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Hundreds of people used this access to support their health and well being until it was abruptly blocked when the Ottawa Valley Railway built a gated fence across it on October 12, 2021. In a densely populated neighbourhood the affected area constitutes a full 50% of our rapidly declining and constantly threatened greenspace and the lake access was the centre and activity hub of our community.

West End North Bay residents - children, adults, and dogs, used this access 365 days a year for walking, skiing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, picnicking, birdwatching, gardening, running, nature observation, watching sunsets, star gazing, and so much more. The 10th Street access is essential to those activities.

This obstruction is currently a total barrier to the lake and greenspace for people of varying mental and physical abilities, shift workers, for children, our elderly people, people recovering from injuries, pregnant people, and anyone who is unable to add half a kilometre or more to their existing route. Further the alternative route substitutes busy streets for a stunning lakeside paradise.

-- West End Neighbourhood Association of North Bay --

West End Neighbourhood Association of North Bay