The West End Neighbourhood Association of North Bay Protecting the Tenth Street Right-Of-Way

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For more than 70 years, people all over the west end of North Bay have been experiencing our best green space via the trail at Tenth Street. This route provides safe access to our beautiful lakefront. Now, it's blocked, without consultation.


Catherine at waterfront

I've been walking this path for 11 years. I go there with my girls, we have the important talks on these walks

Drew with kid

This access is so important to my growing family. I have a young son and an active dog. Some days it is hard to get them both out of the house.

Kristin and girls miss the walk to the water

The kids are really disappointed. For 13 years I've used this trail daily. The proximity makes it accessible during breaks on shift work. 

Ursula Walked the trail daily

For 45 years, the lakefront trail has been a treasure and a pleasure. As I get older, this bit of nature has been a boon to my physical and mental health.

Cause Roast

We used to love to walk with the kids to the water via 10th St after dinner. Now because of the fence, there just isn't time to walk it before they need to get ready for bed.

Amy Skiing

We use the lakefront access to get to the beach all summer long, to jog, to walk our dog, to ski and snowshoe, bike and swim.

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